Saber DPM Folding Unhooking Mat

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At Saber, we feel that many unhooking mats are ‘over-designed’ and make the critical period of unhooking far too complicated. So we stripped back the ‘bells & whistles’ to design a mat that fulfils the role of protecting your quarry during unhooking exceptionally well. Finished in our ever-popular DPM Armour, the  120 x 70 cm ‘operating table’ features sumptuous 2” padding surrounded by a thick poly ball guard. A Velcro flap keeps your catch safe in the short-term and folds back to keep your knees dry when unhooking and posing with your catch. Plus, we deemed it essential that the Mat would be lightweight, transport easily and double as a bag itself, perfect for carrying your stalking gear when travelling light. Carry handles and pegging points complete this superbly functional piece of kit.


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