Saber Sensorbeam Head Torch

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Saber’s SENSORBEAM Head Torch can be illuminated by button or by simply waving your hand in front of the headtorch. Invaluable when quick light is required, unbeatable when searching for a torch in the dark.


The SENSORBEAM features a unique movement sensor. Depress the left hand side of the master button to set the sensor (indicated by the button glowing blue). The SENSORBEAM will then illuminate when your hand passes in front of it. 


Depress the right hand side of the master button to take you through Ultra Bright (140 lumen), Daylight and Flashing modes.


 The SENSORBEAM remembers the last ‘white light’ setting it was used on when not in use.


Simply depress the right had side of themaster button for 3 seconds and your SENSORBEAM will illuminate green, giving clear, low-light visibility which will will not impair your night vision.


The SENSORBEAM is simple to recharge using the USB Cable supplied.

The recharging port is situated under a waterproof cover on the underside of the body.

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