Carp Spirit V-Curve Hooks

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    The V-Curve is the result of 2 years design, development and testing, to produce the ultimate carp hook. Strikingly unique, but look closely and you can see some familiar features that have been incorporated from the proven Razor Point range. Instantly identifiable with it's distinct ‘V’ shape in the bend, this feature dramatically reduces hook movement by focusing all pulling force to the centre of the hook bend, resulting in less hook pulls during the fight. The ultra-wide gape, short shank and in-turned point design provides incredible hooking efficiency and penetration, whatever style of rig pattern or material is being used.


  • Tried, tested and proven, each and every V-Curve hook is produced to the strictest quality control that has established the Razor Point hook brand as a market leader and firm favourite for the most demanding of situations. The ultimate carp hook!
  • Dura-Point Technology.
  • Highest grade Carbon Steel.
  • Non-glare PTFE Finish.
  • Closed Eye.
  • Micro Barb.
  • Patented V-Curve shape.

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