DNA Baits Blizzard

DNA Baits Blizzard

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An easy-to-prepare cloudy ground bait mix designed for fishing as slop over zigs or alternatively can be used as a high-vis stick mix. The Blizzard is based around Milk Powders, Ground Tiger Nuts, Ground Hemp, Coconut Meal, Soluble Fish Proteins and Crustacean Extracts, and creates a milky cloud upon impact with the water. Due to the unique nature of some of the ingredients included, small food items will suspend at different depths, encouraging competitive feeding, which is ideal for zig fishing. The soluble fish proteins cause an explosion of amino acids throughout the water column, keeping the fish interested long after the cloud has dispersed.


Tip: Add water slowly until you reach a soupy consistency. You may find after being stood for a while you may need to add some more water to keep it at the required consistency.

Available in 1Kg and 5kg bags.

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