Fox Black Label Stealth Bobbins

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  • Machined aluminium body
  • Memory-free 6in super soft black Dacron cord with machined black aluminium hockey stick connection
  • Cord can be shortened should you wish
  • Narrow mid-section with isotope viewing slots allows glow from isotope to be seen from all angles
  • Ideal for slack line fishing at short range and semi-slack line fishing at medium range
  • Features unique Black Label Slik Bobbin Clip, which can fix to line for greater sensitivity but can also be left free running should you wish
  • Available in following clip colours: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, White and Black
  • Line tension can be adjusted by tightening or loosening clip on the body
  • Colours can be changed at any time by purchasing individual Slik Bobbin Clips and removing the black collar they are supplied with
  • Weighs 5g

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