Leeda Concept GT 9ft Bomb Rod

Leeda Concept GT 9ft Bomb Rod

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The Leeda brand has been offering tackle products for the angling community since the 1980s, focusing of sea, coarse and match fishing, the brand is able to build of decades of experience to provide you with the right tools that are efficient and functional for the harshness a day of fishing can bring.vThe Leeda Concept range specifically provides a comprehensive range of coarse and match fishing products than anglers of any capability can use.

The Concept GT 9ft Bomb Rod is made from high modulus carbon, providing the rod with a very forgiving through action, which makes it ideal for use on commercials when fishing with lighter hook lengths and small weights. Ideal for catching silverfish.

But do not let looks deceive you. The size may be small and the bomb rod has a soft action for fishing lighter hooklengths but it still has enough power to tame hard fighting fish.  The bomb also allows you to search the peg thoroughly without ruining it by leaving patches of bait all over the place, whether you are using pellets, meat or wafters, the key benefit of the bomb rod allows you to continually cast to various spots in the swim to find where those fish are.

The rod is much lighter than most feeder rods and is handy for when it is too windy to get the pole of float rods out. The 9ft bomb rod is ideal for most venues in the colder months and the is divided by two-piece blanks with a matt finish. These blanks also have a slim diameter which adds to the fantastic soft, through action.

The rod also features a great quality in guides throughout that are smooth to touch, protecting the line, as well as being supplied with 0.25oz & 0.5oz tips which are ideal for the canal or still water venues and for flat calm conditions. The tips are extremely sensitive to shy bites. The rod also has a screw fit reel seat to make assembling easier and secure. This feature provides a strong grip of the reel that fits perfectly, no matter what type of reel used.

The rod’s handle features EVA and heavy-duty cork which tends to be lighter than foam handles and also maintain residual heat in cooler temperatures and the lower damping capacity of the EVA foam handle transmit vibrations better and gives a more fishing-playing feel to the rod.

So if you are looking for an efficient, affordable bomb rod, consider Leeda Concept GT.

Key Features

  • Slim 2 piece blank
  • Supplied with 0.25oz &0.5oz tips
  • High quality guides and screw fit reel seat
  • Handle features EVA and heavy duty cork

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