NGT Ronnie Rigs

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For a lot of anglers at the moment, their go to rig is the Ronnie Rig, its hard to argue with its excellent catch rate. With this in mind NGT now offer a pack of 3 ready made Ronnie Rigs.

Designed to give a pop-up presentation like no other the Ronnie Rig is highly efficient. With your bait fished right off the back of the hook, the rig keep a stealthy presentation while maintaining a popped-up look,vital hen fishing in weedy or silty conditions.

NGT Ronnie Rigs are tied with precision using Teflon coated,curved shank, micro barbed hooks, in sizes 6, 8 and 10 with matt black swivels. partnered with any pop-up and you'll have a formidable rig to fish with.

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