Gardner Rigga BCR Hooks

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BCR Rigga Hooks are the perfect beaked point Chod/Stiff/Multi rig hook pattern. They offer the best combination of features to ensure that more pick ups are converted into fish in the net.

  • Super sharp chemically etched sweeping beaked point ensures early hooking and the best penetration.
  • The angle of draw between the eye and beaked point pulls the hook cleanly home.
  • A wide gape and non revere bend gives rock solid hook holds.
  • 20 degrees out-turned eye ensures optimum performance with any monofilaments.
  • BCR Rigga Hooks are available in either Barbed or Barbless format.
  • Dull PTFE Coating protects the metal from corrosion, aid penetration, reduces glare and aids camouflage.
  • Manufactured in Japan from the finest double tempered, forged high carbon steel 

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